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Email: info@nutripass.gr
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  • What does the 1st Session include?

    The first session for us in Nutripass is extremely important as a first contact with you. We want you to have the best possible image of your Eating habits, your medical profile, your physical activity and your goals. That’s why we dedicate enough time and it’s important before beginning any of our programs.

    Also in the 1st Session we set and agree on the first guidelines for your own physical change. In the end, at your 1st Session we give you great Gifts to use as you wish, as a reward for your choice, providing great discounts.

  • What measurement do we take at the 1st Session?

    Along with the results of some medical test that you may need to show us, we measure certain circumferences together, we conduct any other measurements you choose to do (Body Analysis, Metabolism Measurement) and take body photos, providing that we have your agreement, as we believe that Physical Change does not only reflect just a number in the scales.

  • What does the Free Informative Appointment include?

    The Free Appointment is our company’s policy and it is important because we want you to have a complete picture of our schedules, measurements and approach before you choose us.

    In addition, we want to have a first meeting with you to better understand what you want to achieve. Of course there is no commitment from you as it is completely free, giving you the opportunity to form a clear picture of how we can make your own change.

    Finally, we want you to have a complete picture of the financial part by finding a program that suits you, according to your needs and abilities.

  • Should I follow a Nutrition Plan?

    In Nutripass, we have different approaches depending on what makes it easy for you,. If you are tired of Nutrition Plans and Diet Papers, in our Programs we incorporate other approaches and tactics too in order to achieve the result you want in easy ways, without a specific Plan always based on your habits, your schedule and your Eating Preferences.

    Finally, keep in mind that our monitoring does not stop in just one plan or some tips but we work with you on goals considering other aspects of your life and daily routine as we are Coaching lovers.

  • Should I take any supplements or dietary products?

    In nutripass, we work on a Personalized basis, based on your own habits and your daily routine, so we do not have to and will not force you to take anything that is unnecessary for you.

    We believe that everyone with his or her own preferences, based on the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle can eat whatever he or she desires and achieve his or her goal with appropriate guidance.

    We are not a company that will offer you ready-mode supplements or meal replacements as we do not believe that those are a long-term solution to Physical Change and Healthy Habits.

  • How’s monitoring in the Programs structured?

    Our Programs are structured so that you have a determined contact with your Coach every 15 days or per week. However beyond our Sessions, communication is open for any questions that may arise.

    Also in between the Sessions, there is regular contact bu our team to remind you the goals and monitor the process of the program as we want to be with you throughout the course of change and provide constant support to you.

    At the same time, as a Nutripass member you become a Nutri-fitter through the special Vip Facebook group where you can always be informed nutritionally, solve any questions you have, and to interact with people that share the same goals with you. We want you to have a holistic approach in the whole path of changing.

    In the Sessions we spend time to work with you, listen to your problems, to train you nutritionally and to find the better solutions in order to achieve your goals with a program that suits you and needs.

  • What’s the duration of the Programs?

    Our Programs depending on your goals are 3, 6, 12 months long and the approach is based and designed based on your own habits inn order to achieve a complete result while maintaining it in the best possible way.

    Of we listen to your needs and try to be close to your potentials by building a desired plan for you and your goals.

    We will do everything and insist as much as it needs to accomplish your goal and furthermore to accomplish our dream in the Nutrition field for a different approach and a sustainable Nutrition System that focuses on you.

    Ηowever, our Programs have limited available positions as we take over a limited number of people per season, so they are filled immediately.

    We want to give our full attention to every person we work with and to offer our services to the fullest possible.

    That’s why if you want to change your body and habits once and for all, you have to act fast, because if the positions are taken you will have to wait a few months until one of them is released!

  • What do the Programs involve?

    Our programs are structured to provide you with all the support you need to achieve your goals step by step, guided by Coaching methods and creating new and more efficient habits.

    Depending on your goal, we have created the corresponding program to commit and achieve to the end what you dream of for your Health and Body. In addition, throughout the programs, we provide you with the appropriate nutrition training so as to learn how to maintain the result and easy tools with which you will learn step by step to manage your daily diet without restrictions, feeling the signs of Hunger and Satiety.

    Finally, the guidance of our team in Exercise and physical activity is another helping tool to maximize the result and if you need it we are ready to show you possible and effective solutions.

  • How quickly will I lose the kilos I want?

    At Nutripass, based on science and years of experience, we know that everyone is different and the rate of weight loss depends on many factors (sleep, daily life, stress, medical history, physical activity) that we take them into account in each of our programs.

    We always aim for normal losses (so that there is a good physical composition) which can be 2-4 kg / month. However, depending on each person’s profile and determination, the loss may be greater.

    Physical change for us is a process that takes time and will not be done overnight so all our programs are designed to be able to offer the best possible solutions and results with the ultimate goal of long-term conservation.

  • Is it necessary to bring the results of any medical examinations?

    Because our attention, depending on the overall approach, is focused on your medical history, you will need to take some tests during the first phases of each program or during it.

    If you haven’t done so for a long time don’t worry as we will guide you to do a complete blood and Nutrition check to see how we can improve prices and cover any deficiencies through the Diet.

    For more information on how to better prepare for the 1st Session, see More in the Preparation section or by clicking HERE.

  • How much does its Program cost?

    Our programs are structured to meet everyone’s individual goal and you can benefit from discounts of up to -68% on our initial prices.

    You will have the best monitoring and Nutrition Coaching methodology, with a scientific background – with continuous guidance and regular contact from our team – for about 2 € per day.

    With our comprehensive approach, we aim to finally get you the Body you want, with all the tools, skills and habits to maintain the result for a life without setbacks, investing in you and your Health with only 57€ / month.

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