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Email: info@nutripass.gr

“Above everything else, preparation is the key to success”


Alexander Graham Bell

In order to avoid small moments of embarrassment, that you may have felt when you caught yourself unprepared…

In Nutripass we remind you that preparation is something important to begin with, using your determination as a driving force for your total physical change.

So pay a little attention to the following!

In order to conduct not only the Basic Metabolic Rate measurement with the Fitmate GS Canopy but also the Body Composition Analysis with Tanita MC780, it is legitimate to make a little preparation on our own.

For the Basic Metabolic Rate Measurement:

As with most medical examinations e.g. Cholesterol test, so with metabolism there are specific guidelines you need to follow to get a proper measurement.

On the specific day of the measurement, make sure:
1) You haven’t eaten or drunk anything other than water for at least 4 hours before the measurement.
2) You have not smoked during the last 3 hours and have not consumed any caffeine at least 4 hours before the measurement.
3) Talk to your healthcare professional if you are taking any medicines or food supplements that affect Basic Metabolism.
4) You haven’t exercised (aerobic or endurance exercises) at least 8 hours before your scheduled appointment

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For the Body Composition Analysis:

As with most medical examinations e.g. Cholesterol test, so with metabolism there are specific guidelines you need to follow to get a proper measurement.

1) 4 hours before the analysis, do not consume food, water or other liquids (such as coffee and tea).
2) Avoid very intense physical activity 24 hours before the measurement.
3) Do not drink alcohol 24 hours prior to the analysis.
4) It is advisable that the analysis won’t take place during a woman’s menstruation as it may affect her outcome.
5) Do not take a shower or douche before the measuring
6) Perform the measurement after urination and excretion, if possible
7) Body composition analysis is prohibited in pregnant women for preventive reasons, and in people who carry a pacemaker in their heart or other metal implants in their bodies.

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Also don't forget to bring us the results of your last blood tests at the 1st Session.

(cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, thyroid function, uric acid, etc.) as well as any medication if you are taking.

We still have a few things left for the 1st Session


In addition at the 1st Session, we’ll take your full medical history and an extensive nutrition history to understand your eating habits, lifestyle, work environment, family environment, your meal times at home and outside of it.

Finally, there is also recorded your Physical Activity in order to reflect the energy expenditure of the activities you perform or not (we are not all that active).

In accordance with the above, there are set out the objectives of the program and our cooperation and the initial intervention plan and guidelines as far as the dietary part is concerned are given.

Following the 1st Session, achieving the goals of each program can be with highly economical and flexible packages with continuous feedback, consulting and redefining of goals depending on the individual profile of each client and always in consultation with the health scientist!

Let's use your determination together effectively for your most complete and permanent change!

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