Email: info@nutripass.gr
Email: info@nutripass.gr


Get the body you dream of and maintain it for years with the help and guidance of our unique team and approach.


Our programs are easy and effective, giving you the ability not only to lose weight but also to achieve whatever you aim for, without complicated dieting.


It’s time to get your Health in your own hands and get the body you always wanted!

What to expect from Nutripass Nutrition Coaching Programs:


Programs specifically designed to achieve your goal and learn how to keep it over the years, without worries and pointless experimentations saving time, effort and money!


Lose weight and fat, increase your strength, maintain or increase your muscle mass and feel healthier with more energy. Whatever your goal, we will help you get there. After the end of each program you will be in a better situation which you considered unlikely to happen.


We will start with your complete history, your habits, your goals, your needs and based on them we will develop an approach that suit your lifestyle and will help you nourish yourself step by step, enjoy the process and be able to see the changes.


We will help you break your big goals into small steps and provide you with the tools that will give you the physical outcome you desire.


No more extreme and quick diets that don’t last long. We know that you have a lot to worry about, that’s why we dissolve science for you.
We guide you with easy methods and tools in order for you to succeed and maintain the result.


We are with you throughout the course of change, with your own Coach guiding and supporting you at every step of the effort. This will help you stay consistent and systematic no matter what happens in your life.


By dedicating time to Sessions and because we want you to know the right steps to become the «Nutritionist» of yourself, we train you through the program so that you can find out what suits you best. You will learn how to shape your own diet without puzzling. We guarantee it!


We are next to you throughout the duration of the programs and after their end too. Your commitment to achieve the physical change you are dreaming of is important. For this reason we will do everything with the corresponding program for you own goal.


Our mission is to offer a different approach through Nutrition Coaching. A diet is not the only element that will bring permanent changes over time. We want our methodology to be accessible so we offer great discounts to those who want to get the body they deserve.

Have you followed different solutions but always returned to the starting point after the effort?

We know that in the past you may have suffered from various diets, food supplements and dietary interventions that failed to give you the confidence and training to discover more about you and your body.


Watch real claims of people who committed themselves to change radically and learned how to maintain the result by forgetting the yo-yo diet forever with Nutripass approach.

Our programs aim in quality change of your body’s composition.


Maintaining your muscle mass helps your metabolism function properly.
Successful fat burning will give you the confidence to continue noticing quality results, as many people we have coached have noticed.
Proper body composition change in which we aim in will give you the confidence you need to feel more energized in your day-to-day life, without being tired easily and staying powerless. See more real transformations in Body Composition

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All these years we have helped hundreds of people achieve their Physical goals with impressive results!


We have coached both busy people with stressful daily routine as well as people who have suffered from various Diets and unorthodox methods for weight loss and improvement of their Health.

 Success Rates in all cases we have taken on are huge!

Our commitment to everyone’s goal is reflected from the very first session by asking everything about their daily lives, their needs, their habits and creating an easy and effective approach and Action Plan.

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What else our programs include – EXTRA BONUS


Our approach is not just another Diet Plan!
We will reward you with much more and work even harder on your habits, learning a lot about your body and achieving long lasting results.


Big discounts and Gifts at the beginning and at the end of each program. Your determination and the next step you take in your Physical Change must be rewarded


Personalized Nutritional Approach based on your preferences and habits to achieve the change you want. Based on your habits we shape our approach for you.


Personalized instructions for achieving your goals throughout the program.


Ongoing feedback and resolving questions with unlimited use of E-mails and Social media throughout the programs. You will have someone to support you next to you.


Integrated Nutrition Education in all food groups and equivalents to know what suit you best.


Specially designed tools and questionnaires throughout the process of your development. Feedback is important during our programs, as your needs on our way will change.


Access to the secret VIP Nutri-fitters group on Facebook where you have the privilege of solving all your queries guided by or team’s unique guidance and interacting with people we coach. You will also discover many Nutrition Tips and Coaching Tips you will not find anywhere else online.


Training on the levels of Hunger and Satiety with significant self-monitoring and recognition of your biological needs. An experiential process that will give you the freedom ou want in your Diet, putting aside your Diet Plans. You will learn your body’s signals and be sure of your dietary choices.


Regular Body Composition Analyzes and measurement to track your progress and physical change step by step. The evolution of your Body Composition and your Metabolism is important throughout the process of change and you will regularly see quality results.


Guiding you Physical Activity and Exercise to maximize results. Also, our collaboration with various specialists in the field enables us to cover and solve many medical or other issues that may be of concern to you. Κ

Successful courses of Physical Change with perseverance, systematic effort and duration in time.


People who changed their bodies and habits once and for all and achieved their goal, changing their behavior with food, understanding their biological needs and modifying their way of thinking about limiting factors in their daily lives.

See the Success Stories

If you want to start even today with your own Personal Change and Path to your goal, we are happy to help you.
See how you can prepare for the 1st Session.


If you have a medical issue that requires a special Diet whether you are an Athlete r you are interested in Nutritional Monitoring for your children and adolescents, our Programs cover a wide range, always applying the latest scientific data.

See how we can help you

Antoniou Ioannis, Bsc, Pn1 Nutripass Scientific Director


“I’ve dedicated my entire career in creating , with my team, a more effective Eating Approach over time, for every person based on his/her needs’”


Our years of experience and practice have shown us and Nutripass that Diets and quick solutions are partially doomed to fail over time. That is why we have decided, before a long time, how to radically change our Approach to a process that will create basic habits through specific practices, with a Personalized Action Nutrition Plan.


Creating a solid foundation of habits can deliver a more realistic and lasting result and in addition a smoother process daily, providing definite and immediate outcomes.


I am really wondering, the last time you followed only a Diet paper or Diet Plan, how many habits did you change and for how long did you manage to keep them?

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How much do our programs cost?


Our programs are structured to meet each individual’s goal. Commit to your total change and benefit from discounts that can reach up to -68% off your initial price.

You’ll get the best Personalized Monitoring and Nutrition Coaching methodology with constant guidance and regular contact from our team on practices and lessons that will lead you to your goal and your Physical Change- for about 2 Euros per day 


You will finally get the body you dream, with all the tools, skills, impulses and habits to maintain the result for a life without setbacks, investing in you and your Health for just 57 euros / month..



Don’t miss the opportunity, come and we will find the Program that suits you –knowing first of all your personal goals and your own special needs!


To give everyone the attention and dedication needed, we accept a small number of people into our Programs each time, and usually the available places are filled within a few hours.


It is our commitment to provide the full attention and support focused on you in order to succeed your goals together once and for all. 


For those who are interested in a program we can only take on a small percentage of people who are looking for a change, your commitment and determination are important for us and for the cooperation we will develop.

This is your opportunity to cooperate and try a different approach to Nutrition with maximum support for our goal throughout the change process.


Take a small step and book a free Appointment today!

We will have the opportunity to listen to your needs, discuss what you want to achieve, find the right solution for you and see if our programs cover you fully by joining them.

Final Note


Take a small step to get closer to what you dream about your Body and your Health. Book a Free Appointment and get started with us.


You may have felt healthier and more confident with your body, health and performance in the past

If you are ready to take the change into your own hands and obtain the Body you dream of and maintain it forever, we are ready to help. In the past, you may have occasionally experimented with your eating habits and your body change. Now is the time to try something complete that will give you the confidence and commitment you want to take the next step.


In Nutripass we have been living and breathing all these years to help people transform their Body through Nutrition, Exercise and Coaching.


This is your chance to work with an inspirational team for a realistic approach that will make you feel better and achieve what you thought was impossible.


If you are interested and would like to work with us, take free a small step today and book a Free Appointment no strings attached. You will have the opportunity to solve all your questions with us, get complete information about our programs and find the right and most efficient approach for you.


We hope we will have the opportunity to meet you and help you transform your Body and Health.


The next step and the next action is up to you!

You are doubting and want a better picture for our Programs?

We know that the decision to change your body is important and we want you to have a clear idea of what to choose! That’s why we give you the opportunity for a Free 30-inute appointment t solve all your questions, listen to your goals and recommend the right program for you! All this of course without any commitment on your part.