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Email: info@nutripass.gr

Sports Nutrition

«As an athlete, I want a diet suitable for improving recovery, performance, and “supporting” my workouts so that I can continue without injuries, boosting my immune system and giving me the energy to do the sports that I love for a lifetime.»

The above thoughts are a picture of what many athletes are looking for nowadays, without having the right guidance from an experienced Nutritionist.

Under the supervision and proper guidance of a health scientist, you will understand that the benefits of Nutrition can be a lot, something we aim for in Nutripass, being fully dedicated.


One of the most important parts in the performance of an athlete, and of a simple trainee in his daily life, is undoubtedly NutritionOur goal at Nutripass is to fully meet the energy needs of the athlete or trainee, in compliance with his training program, preferences and daily schedule. Indicative measurements that are good to be performed for the specification of the results are the η Body Composition Analysis and the Basic Metabolic Rate Measurement with Fitmate GS Canopy, as there may be large differences in the energy expenditure depending on the training level and the Body Composition.


Sports Nutrition is for:


People who exercise regularly and aim to improve their endurance and performance in exercise.


Professional Athletes who want to maximize their performance through Nutrition.

Clinical Nutrition

Integrated and personalized Dietetic Support for children, adults and the elderly with Pathological conditions.


Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes)


Neurological Diseases


Cardiovascular Diseases


Nephrological Diseases


Gastrointestinal Diseases (Oesophagitis, Esophageal achalasia, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Indigestion, Gastritis, Gastric and Duodenal ulcers, Pancreatitis, Celiac disease, Inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn disease, Ulcerative colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Children’s Nutrition

Childhood and adolescence are milestones in shaping a child’s eating preferences and choices.

A false nutrition pattern at these sensitive ages can wrongly shape your child’s present and future with a potentially negative impact on adult life.
Nutripass gives you the opportunity with Nutritional Interventions for the adoption of healthy eating choices and standards but also for achieving normal weight per age group in children and adolescents.
The approach and the first sessions are especially important for the key points that need to be emphasized and worked on, so a meeting is held with the parent and the child-adolescent separately and together.

In order to adopt a healthy way of thinking about Nutrition and choose healthy foods with balance and variety techniques of cognitive and Behavioral Therapy are occasionally used.

And remember that changing a child’s diet only, can be much more important and rewarding than a diet or a diet plan that may not have a significant impact on childhood and adolescence.


To discuss your needs, be fully informed about our specific way of working, measurements and determine success together, without any commitment from you.