Personalized Weight Management

Personalized Nutrition Programs for the accomplishment of each goal and need for Gaining, Maintaining or Losing Weight are created after conducting special measurements.

Service’s characteristic are the frequent sessions, the targeting, the integration of exercise-physical education and the immediate achievement of the results that the person desires for a specific period of his life or for a specific reason, depending on the respective program that suits him!

It is also given the opportunity to treat not so drastically and directly but with flexibility in the frequency of the sessions as long as the person aims in maintaining the results for much longer time periods or for life, guided by Nutripass’s counseling and Coaching methodology.


The Purpose of our cooperation is to primarily achieve the personal goal of each one and secondly we aim in teaching the individual ways by which he will be able to manage the achieved results after the end of the intervention.

As the success of a program and an effort for us in Nutripass, is the transfer of the appropriate tools, data and knowledge to the individual so that they can be sustained for the rest of his life.

In our collaboration, the main part is the education of the individual in matters of nutrition and to learn to adapt the Diet to his daily life and vice versa, with the aim of becoming the Dietitian of himself after the end of the sessions.


Another important element that we include in the sessions is the Nutritional Guidance through Counseling and Behavioral Methods.


Various dietary behavioral tools and theories are used, including the Motivation Interview.


The model of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy is used, which was originally developed to treat depression, but was later used extensively to solve problems as well as to modify dysfunctional thoughts.


The person is helped recognize dysfunctional behaviors and ways of thinking (the cognitive part) and develop methods of modifying them (the behavioral part).


The ultimate goal of all of the above is for the individual to learn to feed on a Complete Diet Plan by covering possible nutritional deficiencies in conjunction with the goal we set together to lose, maintain or gain weight.

Key concepts in collaboration are:


Variety in Nutrition based on the individual preferences.


Personalized needs based on his daily routine.


Choice of natural foods with emphasis on their nutritional value.


Continuous support and feedback throughout the program.


Open communication to solve all questions, even beyond the time limit of the sessions.

Are you still thinking about it?

To discuss your needs, to be fully informed about our specific way of working, measurements and determine success together, without any commitment from you.