Give yourself a minute and consider how many times in your life you wanted to start something and said to yourself "From Monday", "I'll see it from tomorrow" and what was the result...

Now you may realize that if you had started something that you are thinking about at the time that you are thinking about it, maybe it would have led you to a better situation than then.

The case is the same when it’s up to your Physical change, that’s why at Nutripass we are into great partnerships in order to give you the immediate trigger and “push” to get started, for your own benefit & for your Health.

Therefore, we have the ability, we make it real for you and we generously offer it to you with a double benefit for your side.

First you take the 1st step for your Health by booking the 1st Session with us and 2nd we reward you with Unique Gifts worth over 300 euros!

Yes, we are telling the truth. That’s not a troll and with a Session at our offices we can prove it. 🙂

With this special offer, you get a 100% discount on the 1st Session, beginning the commitment to your Body Change in the best way!


  • Free Beauty Services at ilias antoniou HAIRDRESSER for men and women.
  • Big Discounts from Athanasaki Optics on eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • Free Personal Training sessions in a specially configured Personal Studio.
  • Free Trainings with Miha Bodyteck in Kifissia.
  • Free Body Composition Analysis throughout our Programs.
  • Additional Surprise Gifts and Discounts after completing each program.
  • 1 Free NLP Session to get your life goals in order, achieving them in half the time.
  • up to 50% Discount on the Nutrition Coaching Program you choose.


It’s important for us to know about your aims and motives!

We invest a lot of time and energy in each case that we undertake, so as a first step, it is very important to describe to us better what you want to achieve.

We periodically take care of a small number of people in our Programs, as we want everyone who participates in them, to achieve 100% of his / her goal.

Provided that you are a person that can participate and join our Programs, we will contact you to find the proper solution for you together!

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