My name is Antoniou Giannis and I am a Nutritionist with specializations in Nutrition Coaching, Life Coaching, Sports Nutrition and Personal Training.

Over the last few years, my team and I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals through Nutrition, Coaching and Exercise.

We have engaged busy people with stressful daily routines, people who have suffered from many Diets and unorthodox methods in order to lose weight, Athletes, children, working mothers, Businessmen, but also People with different goals about their Health and Body. Success rates in all cases, in combination with the methodology we have created, are huge!

I know you may be wondering what Nutrition Coaching is.

We believe that the usual approach with a diet or diet plan will «die» in a few years. Nutrition coaching doesn’t have to do only with diet.
Helping people change their behaviors and choices has not only to do with the food they consume.

Coaching has to do with the person itslef, how he thinks, how he feels, how he lives and how he acts in situations in his life.

For this reason, we have been including it with different techniques in our Programs for many years, as the successful change of body weight requires a holistic approach.

Every person I take over with my team, we are fully committed to its goal, that’s why we look at each case thoroughly by spending enough time in the 1st Session for a complete history, enough time to all Program Sessions and enough personal time in between sessions so that there is a constant support throughout the change process.

My vision is to help as many people as we can to change their body, build life habits and learn how to maintain results forever!

I am not the One who will suggest you methods and solutions that you will not be able to follow.
So food supplements and powders are not in our philosophy.

If needed they will be under certain conditions and always in agreement with each incident.

That is why we focus on the individual needs of each one, and then we build a personalized approach and a personalized Diet and Action Plan that will be easy to implement on a daily basis and see systematic and immediate changes in their Body and Health.

Whatever your goal may be, my team and I can help you succeed it once and for all, and train you how to maintain results in the long term.

I believe that each of us has a hidden treasure within himself that with proper guidance can unlock his unlimited potentials by achieving first of all, what he dreams for his Body and Health and then for his Life.

If you are ready to discover it and accomplish your goals, I will be happy to help you!


As a young child I remember myself in high school pretty weak, lonely, without friends and confined to myself.

You know everyone has his dark times which he have to overcome so as to change inside out.

Back then I had some sports activities but I wouldn’t say that Physically it was what I wanted to be.

If you were looking at me, you would say I was weak and maybe cachectic.

My self-confidence was of course, tarnished so I was scared to make any decision and make it action.

(…everything is interconnected in our lives affecting other fields and aspects …)


As I entered Harokopio University a new world suddenly opened up.

New friends, new tasks and student excitement!
It was as if I was experiencing a rapid transformation in my social life, something in which my external environment played a huge role (as does so to your Diet and your choices).

My character started to change, and from shy and timid I became one of the most social young people.

But my body started to change too!

Student well-being brought me to a point where I weighed more and the belly that I had formed was the first point of teasing me.

At first I didn’t care but the repetition and stagnation in my body image started to annoying me.

And all this was inflating with a direct impact on the rest of my life.

Desperately, I began to try and experiment with myself and my body.

I enrolled to the nearby gym, started going (not so systematically) and without even knowing from my school about the Nutritional Role in Change … guess what. Staying physically static, losing a few kilos and regaining them with the aesthetic ” problem ” still remaining.

I remember myself that way, until I finished the Army and graduated from Harokopion.


After graduating from Harokopio University, I entered a new world without knowing what to do.

Without the intense social life anymore, with no financial prosperity and with the tangled pursuits in my path and my confidence, I clenched my teeth and took a small first step.

With the experience of my Practical Exercise, I started taking over the first incidents as a Nutritionist in the Northern Suburbs (scales in one hand, pens and paper in the other).

Over time, I noticed that as difficult it was for me to change my image and my body so more difficult was to change and influence the people I was taking over.

A big WHY was created inside me!


I began to believe that change is something deeper and is linked to many things together.

It’s not only just Nutrition and Exercise-Movement.

I thought about it and tried to find a solution.

I also saw in myself that low self-esteem directly influenced my choices, my friends, my relationships, but also affected me in the professional field.

I didn’t have the proper guidance and a mentor to show me the way, and that bothered me creating a gap.


You know, it’s when you get to zero point and you say ” I can’t anymore, I have to do something to change this situation.”

It was as if a signal was sent to me instantly.

My contact with some books as sources of inspiration but also with people involved in Self Improvement methods made this little click within me.

I began to penetrate into the field by doing my first Online Life Coaching training, reading books on the subject as well as trying to find and deepen myself.

Then there were trainings in Nutrition Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming.
I searched and found mentors who helped me and provided me with the appropriate guidance and solutions.

All this new reality has really helped me as well as provided me with tools to help the people I took over more effectively

I didn’t stop there though.

At the same time, I started dusting off every Diet book, every research and attending every Diet conference, forming and creating the Weight Loss and Body Composition puzzle.

The first supplies from my school started to become pieces of a difficult puzzle that was slowly being completed.

I continued with Certifications in Training and Personal Training because I was convinced that this was also an important link.

I began to become more systematic in my actions by achieving my personal Physical Change over time.

I returned to my normal body weight, with the belly disappearing and my confidence climbing stairs.

I started to see things more globally and holistically.

Experimenting first with myself has helped me take the next step and slowly create the change to the people I worked with.


Slowly all this internal search and ‘work’ began to transmute.

No pain, no gain they say!

My clientele has started to grow systematically in the Northern Suburbs.
At the same time as a Dietitian Manager in a large company, I expand my business in central Athens by collaborating with great success continuing the word to mouth.

The tremendous success of the nutrition programs and methodology that was created brings people from abroad where I started to take over clients online from Greece outside Attica and across the globe with equally spectacular results in Health, Lifestyle and Body.

Creating the site you are navigating now was a big step for all of my evolving business to become known.

A bigger step, was the creation of Nutrition and Nutrition Coaching center in Marousi, further incarnating my dream in the field of Nutrition.


You know every journey can begin with difficulties and concerns, but if you insist, beautiful things will come along.

To reach the final aim, it is vital to have goals.

It is also important to have the right People – Trainers – Guides on your path, I would add.

My goal now, after all this multi-faceted search, is to be able to influence as many people as I can so as to make true their dream of Physical Change in the right way, with Scientific Truths and proven practices that will help them maintain it over time.

I have been in your shoes and if I have done it, you can certainly do it with proper guidance.

If you are with me on this journey and want to make lasting changes to your body and your health, I will be happy to work with you and be your guide.

Thank you so much for reading so far.

I wish you good luck.

PS: Below you can see in detail some more about my CV.


He was born in Athens and studied at the Department of Nutrition Science and Dietetics at Harokopio University of Athens where he graduated on 07/2013. During his undergraduate studies he was a student at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands in the Department of Human Nutrition.

From 2012 to 2013 he conducted a Graduate Study entitled “Changes in cardiovascular risk factors following dietary intervention in postmenopausal women” with the grade “Excellent-10/10”.

His early childhood involvement in sports and his father’s impulses as a trainer prompted him to continue his studies in February 2015 as a Personal Trainer in the private school «Base Training» acquiring additional knowledge in Ergophysiology, Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, First Aid, Management and Practitioners’ Training, Personal Training and Group Training.

However, because, in his view, health is not only Nutrition and Exercise but also the improvement of one’s own behavior in eating, in areas of his life in general, but also a process of achieving long-term goals, he continues his studies:


As part of his undergraduate studies, he conducted his internship at «Kids’ Hospital Pentelis» and at «Red Cross Hospital» with the main tasks of Nutritional Support for Children with Obesity, Mental Anorexia and Adults who were Overweight and with Diabetes.
He also worked for FAGE S.A. as an assistant in the analytical laboratory, in the Pan-Hellenic Dietetic Association, participating in various projects and in Spata Health Center attending overweight, obese elderly and delivering lectures at the KAPI of the area.
Except from his internship, he has worked in 2011-2012 as a Scientific Associate at medNutrition and at the Eurostat Center, which he gained extensive experience in dietetic support for clients in active training sessions, experience in nutrition training, participation in Nutrition modification program «Beyond the Limits of Diet», Physical Measurements (Basic Metabolism, Visceral Fat, Fat Metabolism) and Nutritional Analysis and Recipe Commenting. At the same time he was trained in the use of the internet as a communication tool with active participation in the formulation of articles on and websites as well as in the preparation of questions for health interviewers.

  • Since November 2013 he has been working as a professional in the northern suburbs of Athens with perdon-to-person and online Sessions, making the business step over the time by opening Nutrition and Nutrition Coaching Center of Nutripass in Attica.
  • Also from October 2015, he begins a great collaboration as Head of the Diet Department of the largest company of the suburbs, Aqua Life, having under his supervision trainees in the field of personal training of Aqua Life and providing nutrition services to the 2500 active members of the rest of the employees of the company
  • However, his professionalism as a human being and his positive interaction with an ever-expanding clientele, even outside the Northern Suburbs, pushes him in 2016 to launch an innovative according to the Greek data collaboration with the HAIRDRESSER company ilias antoniou aiming in meeting the demand in the heart of Ampelokipous in Athens and creating a unique concept for the first time according to Greece’s data.
  • In addition, his constant pursuit of professional development as well as development of his personality too, creates the need to spread out to a larger audience the magic three-fold for him, “Nutrition, Exercise and Coaching” with the creation of aiming in the Complete Result.
  • Since 2019 he has made partnerships with large companies by guiding the OTE Group Diet employees in Marousi Megaro and Paiania but also in Hair Salon and Pharmacy businesses.
  • At the same time as a Personal Trainer he aims at the complete supervision and “transformation” of people that he is working with, using full packets of Nutrition, Exercise and Coaching… a pioneering and “compact” approach in every aspect of Greek Data.


From 2008 until now he has attended all major conferences and symposiums in the field of Nutrition Science & Dietetics, numerous conferences of the Panhellenic Medical Association and the Hellenic Diabetic Society, as well as numerous conferences in the field of Exercise, Fitness, Self-Improvement field and Life Coaching. Some of these are:  
  • 1st and 2nd Sports Nutrition Symposium of the USSR
  • 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 7th Scientific Conference on Obesity
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th Panhellenic Congress of Atherosclerosis
  • 14th Panhellenic Congress of the Hellenic Society of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Disease Lipidology
  • 9th Panhellenic Medical Congress on Obesity
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course (Expert Level) from the Scottish Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • International Sports and Exercise Nutrition Conference 2019


One of his great passions is gymnastics and he has been involved in traditional dances, track and field sports, soccer in child and adolescent level, and basketball in adolescents and men level since he was 7 years old. During his studies he devoted himself to his School but never left his daily aerobic and anaerobic exercise in gyms or outdoors. He has recently more into tennis with similar distinctions in his level. He hates easy solutions in the field of Nutrition and Exercise and is something that he ‘struggles’ to inject in people’s mind, aiming to lasting and never changing results. He loves traveling, social interaction with people and he confronts every new challenge with prudence, patience, insight, and critical thinking.

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