Email: info@nutripass.gr
Email: info@nutripass.gr

Give 1 minute to yourself and think about how many times in your life did you want to start something but instead you said yourself: “On Monday..”, “I’ll see it tomorrow” and which was the result…

Now you may understand that if you had started something you were thinking at the time you were thinking about it, it might have led to a better situation.


The same happens when it comes to your Physical Change, so at Nutripass, by making big partnerships, we want to give you immediate triggers and incentives to get started, for your own benefit but also for your Health.


So we have the ability, we do it and we offer it generously with a double benefit for you.


Firstly you take the 1st step for your Health by booking the 1st Session with us and secondly we reward you with Unique Gifts over 300 euros worth!


Yes, we are telling the truth, we are not trolling you and with a meeting at our offices we can prove it to you.


With this privileged offer, you achieve a 100% discount at the 1st Session, starting the commitment for your Body Change in the best way!


  • Free Beauty Services in ilias antoniou HAIR SALON for men and women.
  • Big Discounts in Athanasakis Optical Store in eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • Free Personal Training in specially designed Personal Studio.
  • Free Training with Miha Bodyteck in Kifissia.
  • Free Body Fat Measurements and Body Analysis Compositions throughout our Programs.
  • Extra Surprise Gifts and Discounts after the completion of each program.
  • 1 Free NLP Session so as to put your life goals in order, achieving them in half the time.
  • up to 50% Discount on the Coaching Diet Program you choose.

Without second thoughts let us use your determination for your own permanent Change!

Book Today an appointment for the 1st Session by clicking HERE !

Are you still thinking about it?

We understand that you will have questions, that’s why we give you the opportunity for a free 30 minute appointment to solve all of them in person, to delve into your goals and find real solutions for you! And of course no strings attached.