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Email: info@nutripass.gr
Email: info@nutripass.gr

Meet our team and the Scientific Partners. A team that will move earth and sky to achieve your goals together.

In a specially designed high aesthetically area in the Northern Suburbs, in Marousi, and focusing on Nutrition, Exercise and Coaching we are aiming in comprehensive results focused on yourself. The office has a separate room for measurements with state-of-the-art machines, an additional separate office for the Nutritional Sessions of our Programs and a separate room for the Nutrition Coaching Sessions. The specific spaces are used according to the goals and the approach that will be followed for each person and according to the Program that will be agreed.


Our goal is to achieve the maximum results for your Health, Image and daily life, and through our cooperation to obtain the appropriate impulses and tools in order to maintain them for a lifetime!

At Nutripass we want to offer accurate and high quality services, keeping pace with the advancements of technology and being equipped with state-of-the-art machines for comprehensive evaluation and success in our interventions.

Are you still thinking about it?

We understand that you will have questions, that’s why we give you the opportunity for a free 30 minute appointment to solve all of them in person, to delve into your goals and find real solutions for you! And of course no strings attached.

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