Dietary Support

Dietary Support

If you have a medical condition that requires a special diet, you are an athlete, or in need of nutritional supervision in childhood and adolescence, our programs cover a wide range, always applying the latest scientific data.

Sports Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Childhood Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

“As an athlete, I want my nutrition to improve my recovery, my performance, and to "support" me in my training so that I can continue without injuries while strengthening my immunity and giving me energy to do the sports I love for a lifetime”

The assumption above is a desire by many athletes nowadays, who don’t have the proper guidance from an experienced dietitian.

Under supervision and proper guidance with a Health scientist you will understand that the benefits of Nutrition can be manifold, something we aim at, at Nutripass being fully dedicated.

One of the most important parts fecting not only an athlete’s performance, but also those who just work out frequently, is undoubtedly Nutrition! Our purpose in Nutripass, is to fully cover the energy needs of the athlete or trainee, in alignment with his personalized training plan, his preferences and his daily job schedule. Indicative measurements that are legitimate to be carried out to specify the results are the Body Composition Analysis and the Basic Metabolic Rate Measurement with the Fitmate GS Canopy, as there can be large differences depending on the level of training and Body Composition.

Sports nutrition is addressed to:

Individuals who train frequently and have the goal to improve their athletic capacity and efficiency

Professional athletes who want to maximize their performance through nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Complete and personalized nutritional support for children, adults and elderly people in pathological conditions

Diabetes mellitus (type 1, TYPE 2 and Gestational DM)

Neurologic conditions

Cardiovascular conditions

Nephrological conditions

Gastrointestinal conditions (esophagitis, esophagus achalasia, gastrointestinal reflux, indigestion, gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcer, pancreatitis, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease (crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome)

Childhood Nutrition

Childhood and adolescence are milestones in the formation of the child's dietary preferences and choices.

During these early stages of life, a wrong dietary pattern, can incorrectly configure the present and future of your child, with the probability of negatively impacting their adult life. With Nutripass, you are given the ability of dietary intervention, with the purpose of not only adopting healthy dietary habits and choices, but also, normal bodyweight in children and teenagers.

The approach and the first sessions are especially important for the key points that need to be emphasized and worked with, and that’s why the parent and the child have sessions together and separately.

For the adoption of a healthy way of thinking regarding Nutrition, with the purpose of making healthier dietary choices, with variety and equilibrium, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques may be used if needed.

And remember that the change of one single dietary behavior of your child might be much more important and profitable, than a meal plan or a diet which might not have a vital impact in childhood and adolescense.

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