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    Α super complete Nutrition Guide with 20 Diet Plans, so you can immediately get into your clothes and feel healthier, full of energy.

    Whatever your dietary preferences are, in this guide we have the corresponding flexible Plan that will fit your daily life.

    Along with this, we provide you with both step-by-step helpful instructions and 1 Month of Free Online Nutrition Monitoring including weekly Sessions, having always your own personal Coach by your side.

    You will have all the tools you need with your own Coach to guide you for ONLY €97!

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What Diet MegaPack includes:

Individualized meal plans. 20 Meal Plans for Every Body Type and Every Goal Includes Diet Plans with all Nutritional Protocols (Total value €397):
-Mediterranean diet
-Intermittent Fasting 16-8
-Low Carbohydrate Diet
-Vegetarian Diet
-High Protein Nutrition etc.)
1 Month of Free Nutritional Counseling online: : For a whole month you will have a 15-minute session per week with one of the Nutrition Coaches of our team, to help you with your questions and guide you hand in hand towards your goal with the corresponding nutritional Plan that you will have chosen. (worth 97€)
VIP Pass to our Secret Fb Group: You will get access to the Nutri fitters secret group, where you will have not only the privilege to get all your questions answered but also to interact with people who have the same goals and concerns as you. (Priceless)
Guide with Useful Instructions: We will analyze in the guide everything you need to know about the preparation of meals, along with useful instructions that will loosen your hands. (worth 17€)

Circular Workout Fat Burner Plan: A Specific Guide to Maximize Your Results with Circular Programs for Every Level and Without Equipment. Includes video explanation of all exercises. The combination with the Exercise guide from step 1 will tie in just as well. (worth 37€)
​Guide with Delicious and Healthy Desserts: We don’t want to limit you from the sweet taste, so we include free of charge, a separate guide with dessert recipes that will blow your mind and give you pleasure throughout the program without regrets. (worth 37€)
​Coping with Addictive Food Guide: So that you are not susceptible to any addictive food, we have prepared a guide with 11 Strategies that will free you and lighten you up (worth 7€)
​Weekly Meal Preparation Guide: A guide that will show you step by step how you can save time and strategically prepare your meals for the whole week. (worth 17€)
​Tips to love vegetables You may not love salads so much but because they are important for your goal, we have prepared a 3 simple-step guide to add them painlessly into your diet. (worth 7€)

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